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Soicher Marin Studio

Soicher Marin Studio

Posted by Eduardo Marin on Sep 23rd 2020

One of the benefits of running an art company for four decades is the privilege of working with talented artists and designers. It's remarkable to discuss a creative idea in the morning and then have it become a fully formed reality in the afternoon. So when it came time to create our first collection of wallpapers, we dipped into our vast archive of images and set our creative teams loose.

Enlisting the help of veterans of the textile and art world helps too. Susan and Katherine Hable of Hable Construction are a source of inspiration, creative direction and discipline which give the collection gravitas and credibility. They know the market, their clients and themselves. Good ideas and best practices are sticky; the Hable influence can be found not only on Susan's collection, but also on our own Studio wall coverings. Thank you Susan and Katherine for your friendship, guidance and professionalism.

Wallpaper is a well-represented craft. Our objective in a crowded market is to create repeats born from the artists' perspective, rather than tired patterns of sameness. Our creations begin with original works of art: deconstructed and then reassembled to form images and colors that delight your eyes. If you know Soicher Marin, then you know to expect the same level of service and quality from Wall Couture. Wall Couture is Soicher Marin.